Practice Areas

Business LawContracts & Disputes

We can provide you with the level of service your company requires, whether reviewing contracts, drafting agreements, or providing legal and corporate guidance.

GovernmentPermits & Licenses

We can serve as an interface between you and governmental agencies to solve your issues whether they are local, state or federal jurisdictions.

Securities LawPublic Companies

We have experience in drafting S-1 and Reg A+ filings, and can help your company go public, as well as interface with the SEC when required.

Personal InjuryVehicle Accidents

We have experience ranging from vehicle accidents to wrongful deaths. Let us help you recover your lost wages, medical bills and pain & suffering.

Family LawDivorces & Custody

Divorce is never simple, whether you or your spouse ends it. Allow us to handle the paperwork and filings so you can concentrate on rebuilding your life.

Environmental LawQuality of Life

Whether its industrial operations planned near a residential area, water contamination issues, or poor agency planning, let us help you keep your community safe.

Administrative LawGrievances & Appeals

Many people are being worked out-of-class, let us assist you in filing a grievance and representing you in an appeal if that becomes necessary.

Public RecordsCPRA & FOIA

Protect your privacy and piece of mind by having our firm confidentially obtain public records from the government for you or your organization.

Other Services

Crisis ManagementControl Your Public Image

Whether for yourself or your business, we have the experience and contacts required to “put out the fire” quickly, professionally, and confidentially.

Public SpeakingVoice for Your Organization

Not everyone is a public speaker. We can provide public testimony for your organization to any jurisdiction ranging from local boards to state hearings.

Ops ResearchPolitical and Business

We can provide you with in-depth research about your opponent or  conduct a personal vulnerability assessment to protect you and your business.

Litigation SupportResearch to Appearances

We can provide legal support to attorneys and allied fields, whether reviewing legal files, drafting documents, or making special appearances.

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If you think you might need legal representation on a matter, please give us a call at (916) 273-4811 or email us at We can schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your concerns. We provide a confidential and free initial consultation because we want to work with you to resolve your legal matters.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation:

Legal matters are very time sensitive, and it is important to obtain legal consultation as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation, and suggest you call us at (916) 273-4811 or email us at as soon as possible.  We will work around your schedule as much as possible when scheduling an appointment for your initial consultation.

Our Consultation:

At your free initial consultation, we will review your legal issues together, discuss the probably ramifications, and provide you with the possible solutions and outcomes. We will then work with you to determine the solution or solutions that are the most appropriate for your needs and situation.

Fee Agreement:

After discussing with you the potential issues and solutions, you will engage our services through a fee agreement that explains the duties and obligations of our firm in its representation of you. This agreement will also describe the “scope” of our firm’s representation, and will serve as a formal document indicating that you are now represented by our firm.


Each case, and each situation, may have more appropriate methods of engaging us. We may agree on a flat fee, an hourly rate, or even a contingency basis. This depends upon the type of case and the amount of time our firm will be required to expend on representation of you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about your options — we are here to help you.

Preparation and Negotiation:

Ideally, we prefer to arrive at a negotiated settlement on your behalf. You want results as soon as possible, and you want to get on with your business. As early as possible, we will attempt negotiation with the opposing parties — as well as throughout your representation. However, negotiations sometimes fail, and being aware of this, preparation for potential litigation will be ongoing during the negotiation period.

Settlement or Litigation:

If we are able to negotiate a settlement, then the matter is finished, and litigation is unnecessary. However, if litigation is required, we will represent you as specified in your fee agreement so that you may have a final decision on the matter, by putting the matter to rest through our court system.

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