Pasadena Avenue Office

Workers' CompWorkplace Injuries

No matter what stage you find yourself in the claims-filing process, our team can guide your steps toward the favorable resolution you seek.

Personal InjuryVehicle Accidents

We have experience ranging from vehicle accidents to wrongful deaths. Let us help you recover your lost wages, medical bills and pain & suffering.

Family LawDivorces & Custody

Divorce is never simple, whether you or your spouse ends it. Allow us to handle the paperwork and filings so you can concentrate on rebuilding your life.

Administrative LawGrievances & Appeals

Many people are being worked out-of-class, let us assist you in filing a grievance and representing you in an appeal if that becomes necessary.

Social SecurityDisability

We can assist you through the application process and potentially increase your chances of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

SIF BenefitsSubsequent Injury

We can assist you through the application process and potentially increase your chances of being approved for Subsequent Injury Fund benefits.

Civil ResolutionTRO / Complaints

Our office can represent you if you are served a civil restraining order. We can also assist you to resolve disputes with neighbors or other parties.

Debt CollectionGet Paid

Businesses often have a difficult time obtaining payment for products and services. Let us help you resolve issues with your debtors.

Old Sacramento Office

Business LawContracts & Disputes

We can provide you with the level of service your company requires, whether reviewing contracts, drafting agreements, or providing legal and corporate guidance.

GovernmentPermits & Licenses

We can serve as an interface between you and governmental agencies to solve your issues whether they are local, state or federal jurisdictions.

Securities LawPublic Companies

We have experience in drafting S-1 and Reg A+ filings, and can help your company go public, as well as interface with the SEC when required.

Environmental LawQuality of Life

Whether its industrial operations planned near a residential area, water contamination issues, or poor agency planning, let us help you keep your community safe.

Crisis ManagementControl Your Public Image

Whether for yourself or your business, we have the experience and contacts required to “put out the fire” quickly, professionally, and confidentially.

Public SpeakingVoice for Your Organization

Not everyone is a public speaker. We can provide public testimony for your organization to any jurisdiction ranging from local boards to state hearings.

Ops ResearchPolitical and Business

We can provide you with in-depth research about your opponent or  conduct a personal vulnerability assessment to protect you and your business.

Public RecordsCPRA & FOIA

Protect your privacy and piece of mind by having our firm confidentially obtain public records from the government for you or your organization.

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