An undeniable fact of the practice of law is that technology, especially electronic technology is now mandatory.

Over the past several decades, the internet gradually crept into legal practice. In prior years, having an email account was a rarity. At one time, TELEX was more common than email.

Over the past decade or so, use of the Internet has become especially necessary. Further, use of the internet has increased, requiring incremental increases in bandwidth to ensure adequate communication both in email and VOIP phones.

We here at Grundman Law have recently been upgrading our entire electronic infrastructure. While we may have originally been a few computers linked together through a 10/100 connection, we are now fully interconnected throughout the office both with wired and wireless connections.

Our intranet server was recently upgraded, as was our backups to Amazon S3 cloud servers. (We are heavily encrypted before uploading and re-encrypted by the S3 server). We recently upgraded our server space to a much faster server. And we have almost completed upgrade of our entire email system for both speed and redundancy. Our goal is to make necessary files and information available for immediate use both in the office and in the field.

We still allow for some legacy technology. For example, several of our clients rely on facsimile machines to transmit documents. And that is fine. When we receive faxes, either from clients or other counsel, they are converted into .pdf files for easier electronic storage. We consider resource conservation an important goal, and print on paper only when necessary.