CalaverasGROWN Community and Forest Recovery Program NEEDS YOUR DONATION TODAY
We have to keep working on the Butte Fire Burn to keep our soil in place, our water clean and give our forest the ability to regenerate.

All donations are spent within 1 week of receipt.

$2000 gets us 512 bales of Weed Free Rice Straw delivered to the burn area. This is enough straw to cover about 9 acres of severely burnt land. Our volunteer crews together with the rest of the community is spreading 1 load every 2 days! (this much straw would typically cost at least $3500 but the baler and transporter are helping us out by providing it at cost. These generous people are helping your donation go almost twice as far as it otherwise would have). Victims in the burn just need to go to the Equestrian Center in Mokelumne Hill or Central Fire Station on Jesus Maria Rd off of Rail Road Flat Road to pick up the straw at no cost. It is made available from donations!! There are also volunteers with trucks willing to bring it to you if you don’t have a way to get it to your property.

$500 gets one well turned back. That’s right, it has typically cost about $500 in materials to get our community member’s wells back flowing.

Donate today by sending a check to CalaverasGROWN, POB 2101, San Andreas CA 95249, calling us at (209) 498-8081 to arrange cash pickup, or donating via Paypal on our website at
Thank you for caring about our Community and the Forest that supports us!

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